Koff & Associates

More than an accountancy.

At Koff & Associates, we stand apart from traditional accountants by taking a 360-degree approach to helping clients. Traditional accountants tend to focus narrowly on preparing financial statements and tax returns which many clients’ feel do not add value.

We take a comprehensive approach, seeking out insights, pain points and opportunities in all facets of an owner-manager’s business and personal life.

The result is big-picture financial strategies that lead to optimized outcomes.

Our Team

We are committed to helping our clients define and achieve their goals. At Koff & Associates, we position ourselves at the leading edge of what is possible so we can best understand and develop options to address your specific financial needs.

Michael Koff
Michael Koff
Business Advisory &
Estate Planning
Fiona Zheng
Fiona Zheng
Tax Planning
Chang Su
Chang Su
Tax Planning & Accounting Systems Implementation


Are you an accountancy?

Yes, in the sense that the our team prepares financial statements and tax returns. The difference is, these deliverables emerge from our unique planning process, so there’s a good idea of what these documents will look like in advance. Our planning process is designed to accelerate your business, minimize your taxes and expose other valuable opportunities which will otherwise remain hidden.

Why are my personal affairs important to how I run my business?

There is no true separation between your personal and business life – they are intimately intertwined. If you have personal problems, such as health, financial or relationship problems, they will spill over and impact your business. The same goes for business problems. The trick is to treat your expanded life holistically and ensure all parts are supported and functioning well.

What size of companies do you work with?

Our firm’s DNA is born from our founder’s entrepreneurial spirit. Mike Koff is a rarity amongst CPA’s in public practice because earlier in his career he was a shareholder and operator of two manufacturing companies for over a decade. Typically, our clients have revenues between $4 million and $100 million but we regularly take on smaller clients, and even some start-ups. The test for us is whether the prospective client is committed to growing aggressively and prepared to do what it takes.

What industry specializations do you have?

Our firm is exposed to a broad variety of industries. Our particular expertise lies within:

  • Technology, especially SaaS;
  • Residential home construction and retail strip-malls;
  • Rental apartment buildings;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Professional services firms;
  • Marketing and communications.
My CFO manages business affairs. I have a personal financial planner. Why would I need Koff & Associates?

In our experience, it is not usually the lack of your available resources that is limiting your success, rather it’s the fact that they rarely talk to each other. We find in these instances that they are not aligned in optimizing your outcomes. We function as your financial quarterback, by getting clear on what you want at both the business and personal levels. We then align your resources to accomplish this, getting everyone to sing from the same song sheet, so to speak. We work hard to stay at the leading edge of what’s possible, so we can communicate meaningfully – individually or collectively – with your resources to accomplish your objectives.

How long does the process take?

The process never really ends because as long as there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, you need to drive the necessary results. We’re here to help you do that. The more intensive work happens up-front, during the first phase, when we engage with you in a comprehensive planning session that sets the tone for moving constructively forward. This involves a deep dive into both your business and personal plans. From this, we prioritize actions and compliment you as needed to implement the action steps. Afterwards, we measure the results and compare to the plan we initially built. In most cases, the first phase can be accomplished in about three to four weeks.

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The future lies ahead.

Typical accountants are historians. But to chart a bold path forward, you can’t rely only on past performance. Koff & Associates is a new kind of accountancy. We take a 360-degree approach to optimize your future with the best outcomes for your business, your personal life and your legacy.

Let us help you optimize your business.