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You can look backward to learn, but you must look forward to thrive

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Imagineering Your Unique Future

Imagineering Your Unique Future

Our approach starts with you. Whatever your industry and the stage of your business (startup, growth, transition), we customize our approach to your needs and goals.

We start with questions (yours and ours) to build a deep understanding of where we’re headed.

Instead of coming in with preconceived ideas or generic solutions, we dig for insights that form the foundation of tailored advice and executable strategies.



With the future imagined, it’s time to create a clear path articulating the fewest number of plays to win the game.

Some will be business, some will be personal and with your unique thread we will weave them all together.



Armed with your playbook it’s time to execute the plays.

Be focused but adaptable and nimble. Win the plays and the game. Realize your compelling future.

What's Next

What's Next

This process never ends, and more wins will be needed as more games emerge. This is the creative process in its living, breathing form.

Along the way we will continue to imagineer, build playbooks and execute. Your business may be sold and another bought. Your estate plan will require tinkering or perhaps a major re-write. Your tax plan might need a complete overhaul in response to changing tax rules. The path of a well-lived life is continually adapting to change.

Onwards and upwards.

Financial optimization must begin with you.

True alignment begins at home with you and your family. Your financial needs extend from this, defining your personal ambitions and responsibilities. Finally, as an independent business owner, your business needs are shaped and driven by your personal plans and ambitions.

Your life.
Your family.
Your financial needs.
Your business.

The future lies ahead.

Typical accountants are historians. But to chart a bold path forward, you can’t rely only on past performance. Koff & Associates is a new kind of accountancy. We take a 360-degree approach to optimize your future with the best outcomes for your business, your personal life and your legacy.

Let us help you optimize your business.