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Everything matters.

We guide independent business owners and entrepreneurs in making the right business and financial decisions.

As accountants, we start with the numbers. We know businesses need to be financially sound, but rarely do owners achieve true alignment between their work life and personal life. Experienced owners know: there is no real distinction between the two

We dive into what makes you and your business special. We listen Probe Challenge Plan Act Assess

What keeps you
up at night?

Our Beliefs

We share the thinking behind the new Koff & Associates brand, which took into account how our business has grown in the past, how we are currently supporting our clients, and how we hope to evolve in the future.

September 17, 2021

Business owners and entrepreneurs have complex financial needs. Guiding them toward optimized outcomes requires a multi-dimensional approach integrating all the...

The future lies ahead.

Typical accountants are historians. But to chart a bold path forward, you can’t rely only on past performance. Koff & Associates is a new kind of accountancy. We take a 360-degree approach to optimize your future with the best outcomes for your business, your personal life and your legacy.

Let us help you optimize your business.